We have taken the difficult decision not to hold Meeting for Worship at Westminster after Sunday 22 March.

On-line Meeting for Worship will take place on:

  • Sundays from 11:00–12:00
  • Wednesdays from 6.15–7:00pm.

And we will all hold each other in our hearts over the coming period.

To access the on-line Meeting for Worship, please contact our Clerk team for the link: westminsterclerk@gmail.com

You can see more about how to use Zoom for Meeting for Worship in this video produced by Woodbrooke (although please note that the joining link and where to find it will be different as it is a different Meeting for Worship)

We are all distressed that we cannot physically be together in Westminster Meeting House together during these difficult times and that we cannot open our doors to all those people who are seeking a way through the current crisis. However, the advice of Public Health England and of Britain Yearly Meeting is clear, and we do not want inadvertently to make others ill within the meeting or to spread infection across the city. We come to this meeting from all parts of London – and often all parts of the world – and that makes it particularly risky to continue to meet face to face.

‘True worship may be experienced at any time. In any place – alone on the hills or in
the busy daily life – we may find God, in whom we live and move and have our being.
But this individual experience is not sufficient, and in a meeting held in the Spirit
there is a giving and receiving between its members, one helping another with or
without words. So there may come a wider vision and a deeper experience’.
1925; 1994. QF&P 2.11