About our Quakers Children’s Meeting

Every Sunday morning (on the first 4 Sundays of the month), our younger people attend our Children’s Meeting. This gives them an opportunity to explore Quaker beliefs and living in a context that suits their age. Normally on a Sunday, the Children’s Meeting will meet together with the main meeting for the first 5-10mins, and then move off to the Children’s Meeting returning to report back what activities they have done, and what they have learned.

The Children’s Meeting is such a central part of Westminster Quakers that we have a dedicated Children’s Workers alongside the many parents who help make it the vibrant and lively core of Westminster Quakers. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Childrens Meeting: childrens@westminsterquakers.org.uk

Meet our Children’s Worker – Joe

Joe has a great website where you can get to know him better. He also includes posters of the many themes that are covered in the children’s meeting.

Here is the link: https://joeholtaway.com/2023/02/28/childrens-meeting/

What Do Our Meetings Look Like?

Pitched at primary up to 12 yrs  1st and 3rd Sunday mornings (usually), and from 11-12 (always) sign up to the mailing list for weekly updates.

Quakers have a long history of radical questioning of the norms of society when they went against values of ‘Simplicity, Truth, Equality, Peace and Sustainability – We encourage the same in our children!

Interested in any of the below? We make sessions based on the children’s questions. No need to be or know about the Quakers to join, you can though- visit here to find out more –

Zoom Meeting details:
id: 867 7686 4519 – pw: Light

Quakerism and Young People

Information about these wonderful animated flip-books can be found here.
We think they are a great introduction to Quakerism for children of all ages. They look great when you have them full screen: