Major Works at Westminster Meeting House

Westminster Meeting House will be closed from Monday 1 July – Monday 2 September 2013

Our last Meeting for Worship at Westminster Meeting House will be on Sunday 30 June, followed by a shared lunch. First Meeting for Worship back at Westminster Meeting House following the work will be at 1.00pm on Tuesday 3 September.

This building project has arisen out of a need to replace our unreliable and inefficient boilers. With the building shut we are undertaking a number of additional integrated works: entire new heating system; electrical rewiring; insulation; lighting; kitchen refurbishment; improved access; Elizabeth Fry room; toilets; and redecoration throughout.

Please be aware that not all works will be completed within the two-month closure period. Some work is planned to start ahead of July and work that does not require building closure will continue into 2014. We are committed to ensuring the building is safe and accessible from Monday 2 September 2013.

The following has provided our shared vision of work:

  1. Improve accessible and safe passage through the building
  2. Provide clear and cohesive spatial identity and feeling throughout
  3. Enable identified activities to take place with desired levels of light and heat
  4. Celebrate and enhance the existing features of the building
  5. Uphold Friends’ commitment to sustainability

In addition, if all these are achieved within a spirit of simplicity, subtlety and elegance, then the building will generate greater delight in those that use it, will better invite and make welcome its visitors, and will better promote the faith and values of the Meeting and of the Society.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Westminster Meeting House and ask you to uphold the committees and contractors that are helping make this possible.

Westminster Quaker Meeting House is primarily a place of Quaker worship. We provide an oasis of calm for contemplation, reflection, meditation, healing and spiritual wellbeing. We are gifted with a beautiful and impressive Meeting House, which is home to a varied and dynamic community of spiritual groups, healing practitioners, and other means of personal growth. In sharing our simple and spiritful spaces with a wider community we are able to financially support other Meeting Houses across London. Our location, close to the heart of British politics, enables an active Quaker and non-Quaker presence and offers a unique opportunity for outreach in the very centre of our city. We want all who visit to leave this building feeling refreshed, enlivened, peaceful and inspired.

For information about where we will meet while Westminster Meeting House is closed see the details on our home page.


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