Westminster Meeting Weekend Away 2020

High Leigh Conference Centre, 9-11 October

Join us on our 2020 Westminster weekend away, where we will gather together to reconnect with each other in community. We hope it will be a time of healing, and also an opportunity to reconnect with our values and our prophetic vision as Friends. 

On this weekend we will explore together what it means to each of us to live our lives as Quakers in these times. Some are more drawn to living adventurously, others to ministering within the meeting. We are mystics, activists, working people, healers, parents, visionaries, and we are also vulnerable human beings. We hope that we can each take our place in our community, and get back in touch with our leadings. 

Residential weekends are a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other away from our usual routines, whilst deepening our individual and collective spiritual life. Everyone from Westminster is welcome, especially if you’re new to our Meeting.

The weekend will be all-age and we will have a mix of shared activities, along with specific activities for adults and our children and younger people. One of our children’s workers will be present for most of the weekend, which which will make it easier for children and parents to take a complete part in the activities.

On the Saturday afternoon there are no organised events, leaving space for us to relax, chat with other Friends, or explore. We have the use of two spaces for our weekend: the Chapel Barn, which is a lovely old building just across from the main Reception, and also Cherry Room which will be used for the children’s activities, but will also be free for anyone during the afternoon if some would like a quiet indoor space to chat, or perhaps play board games, etc. We hope that the weather will be dry enough to allow Friends to be outside, walk around the beautiful grounds or the nearby woodland, or to sit outside on the grass. Others might venture further afield into Broxbourne Woods or the Lee Valley.

High Leigh Conference Centre

High Leigh was originally built as a grand private house in 1853. Its main claim to fame is its garden. Covering 40 acres of some of Hertfordshire’s most beautiful countryside, the parkland is dotted with formal areas, woodland, lawns and ponds. Some of the house’s most prominent outdoor features were created by the Pulhams, a famous family of landscape gardeners who owned Pulham Manufactory in Broxbourne. The manufactory was located just over a mile away from High Leigh, so it’s likely that the Pulham’s themselves will have worked on the design and installation of many of the pieces in the property’s garden.

Guests staying at High Leigh can take the time to discover the fountain, rockery and cave, the sunken pump house and the rock arch that leads people back towards the house from the wooded part of the gardens which are still there today.

Please note that High Leigh Conference Centre is a large building with many rooms, and we will not have exclusive use of the place – there will be other groups staying, possibly in some of the adjacent bedrooms.

Cost:  £140 for adults and those over 17 years old. Half the adult price, £70, for children 6–16, inclusive, and free for under sixes. Since the cost is subsidised by Westminster Friends, the Meeting is happy to accept £70–£140, or any amount in between, if the full price is too much. Please talk to Gerry or Clare if half price is more than you can afford.

Please book as soon as you can, this will help hugely. Last date to register is 28 September, but there’s a chance it may be fully booked by then.

To book, please click here

Care and safety.

High Leigh Conference Centre staff are working hard to keep us safe during the current COVID situation, including regular sanitisation of spaces, the availability of masks and gloves for guests if wanted, and appropriate social spacing in dining areas. Please see this link for more detailed information.

Getting there

The easiest way to get there is by train to Broxbourne from Liverpool Street, Seven Sisters or Tottenham Hale. The station is two miles from the Centre, but there are plenty of taxis at reasonable rates (typically £5–£7). Masks will be needed on all such transport.

Further information about the programme, checking in on arrival, and so forth, will be sent out nearer the time.

Payment: Bacs to: Westminster Meeting, sort code: 40-52-40, account no. 00004164 Reference: High Leigh (this is important, please include!)