Join us on our 2018 Westminster weekend away, where we will gather to explore how we can grow and sustain our community in numbers, and in the strength and depth of our relationships. We will build on our 2017 Away Day, Grounding Our Faith.

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On this weekend will look at questions such as:

  • What might a sustainable, loving and open community look like for us at Westminster?
  • How can our Quaker testimonies support us in this?
  • How might we encourage everyone, especially new attenders, to explore our Quaker faith, find their place and feel at home in our Meeting?

Residential weekends are a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other away from our usual routines, whilst deepening our individual and collective spiritual life. Everyone from Westminster is welcome, especially if you’re new to our Meeting.

The weekend will be all-age and we will have a mix of shared activities, along with specific activities for adults and our children and younger people.

When we gather for worshipful sharing and discussion there will be an introduction from the session leader, followed by an opportunity to explore the themes, either in small groups or all together. On the Saturday afternoon there are no organised events, leaving space for us to go on walks in the local lanes or relax at Charney Manor; some people might like to take a trip by car or taxi to see the White Horse of Uffingham. Later in the evenings there will be time for friendly fellowship over a hot or cold beverage.

Charney Manor

Charney Manor, one of the oldest inhabited houses in Britain, is a place of tranquillity, where people go for reflection, renewal and retreat. Once the grange of the Benedictine abbey of Abingdon, the Manor is now owned and managed by Friends. The oldest parts of the house date from around 1260. Charney Manor is situated on the edge of Charney Bassett, a small village in the Vale of the White Horse.

Cost:  £150 for adults and older teens. Free for young people under 14, with each child sharing a room with their parent / carer. Since the cost is subsidised by Westminster, the Meeting is happy to accept £75-150, or any amount in between, if the full price is too much. Please talk to Rob or Gerry if half price is more than you can afford.

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